Campbell, Nebraska

Welcome to our website from Chairman Steve Skupa & the village board members…

Welcome, to the Campbell, Nebraska, village website.  Our goal in creating the new is to generate a central place in which you will find all the information you need to know about Campbell, Nebraska.  In searching our website you will find that Campbell is a great place to live, work and play.

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Events happening at the library!

Please join us for “Coffee & a book” held every Tuesday from 10 am to 11 am.

School Bell Project Complete!

Thank you to all of our donors for your support of this project- Campbell Area Foundation.


South Central State Bank provides funds and site for Campbell Area Foundation’s School Bell Project.

On May 31st, in just over an hour, the old Campbell post office was demolished to make way for the School Bell monument being erected by the Campbell Area Foundation. The demolition was completed by Dirt Works from Kearney and the site will eventually be donated to the Village of Campbell. South Central State Bank provided the funds necessary to demo the old post office. Including the asbestos removal and demo expenses, the total donation by South Central State Bank for the project was over $8,000. Total donations to the Campbell Area Foundation for the School bell project are over $29,000, which does not include the funds provided by the bank. Work on the monument is expected to begin this fall.

Foundations members include: Kelly Trambly, President; Duane Arnett, Vice President; Janet Meyer, Secretary; Joyce Lang, Treasurer; Betty Scheibel, Shirley L’Heureaux, Tori Karr, Dale & Sharon Frisbie, Jackie Hall, Allen Kumke, Kyle Rutt & Luann Kosse.

Thank you to all of our donors for your support!  (please click here for donor list)

Building for sale:

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  • 50,000 sq. feet
  • All furnishings included. Full Kitchen.
  • Village of Campbell is accepting inquiries for all personal property contained at Grandview Manor.
  • Interested parties should call the village clerk’s office at 402-756-8121.

Items for Sale: Q125 Memorabilia — New lower pricing!

Merchandise is still available however we are running low on most products, be sure to call soon before they are sold out! To purchase any of these Campbell Q125 celebration items please contact South Central State Bank in Campbell at 1-402-756-8601. We would be glad to assist you with your order! 

Magnets – $2.00 / each Belt Buckles – $25.00 / each
Magnets – $2.00 $1.00 / each

 Special! 20% off!

Belt Buckles – $25.00  $20.00/ each

Redwing Cream Crock – $25.00 / each Redwing 2 Qt. Water Pitcher – $35.00 / each
SOLD OUT! Redwing Cream Crock – $25.00 / each Low Quantity! Only 7 left! Redwing 2 Qt. Water Pitcher – $35.00 / each
TShirts (Long Sleeve, and Short Sleeve)
$15.00 $10.00 / each
Sizes S-XL (Larger sizes – $17.00 / ea)
Limited sizes remaining.  Call soon for best selection.
Coffee Cups – $5.00 $2.50 / each
Q125 Newspapers Now $3 each!  Get yours today!

Campbell Road Rally


Take a Ride on the Wild Side
2015 Campbell Road Rally
Saturday, August 8th

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